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«In the future, the climate will be the law. And when it comes to climate, every degree counts. Three climate scenarios. Three parallel worlds. Three ways to roast in hell.

2100. Three desperados criss-cross America in search of booty. But from now on, it’s the climate that rules... to what extent? Raise the thermometer by 2, 3 or 4 degrees and watch history change: the world is more or less apocalyptic, the natural disasters more or less severe and mankind more or less in trouble...
However the Earth is cooked, it’s not going to be fun for Josh.

Published the 26th may 2023

Dimension 29 X 21 cm, 136 pages, 25€

The book was nominated for the Fauve des Lycées 2024 at the Angouleme festival.

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Press review:


«It’s funny, it’s well done, but mostly it’s sorry. Well done.» Nicolas Ancion

"Narratively, it’s really well thought out and truculent.» Ronan Lancelot


«It’s a mix between Fluide Glacial-style humour and a Madmax-style apocalyptic scenario. It’s a very original approach, it’s very, very funny, it’s full of inventions... Ulysse Gry draws his inspiration from real forecasts in the IPCC report.» Xavier Vanbuggenhout

«In true western fashion, Josh will face enemies in desert landscapes where water is treasure, and he’ll either be a bounty hunter or an organ hunter. Not an exciting prospect, but this is survival. The script and the adventure are exciting.»

«For a few degrees more is a crazy road movie, a modern western where people shoot at each other, where depending on the state of the planet, Josh crosses a megafire, a swarm of devastating insects, a firestorm. The world of 2100 is above all one of every man for himself. Ulysse Gry’s comic strip is a jigsaw puzzle that can be read to different degrees, with the impromptu story of Crista in the middle. Crista is an indestructible plastic bottle whose story he romanticizes, in the form of one-night stands, for every lip that touches the neck. In true Sergio Leone fashion, Ulysse Gry uses the metaphor of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly throughout the story, concluding with this metaphor: «The world is divided into three categories. Those who have water. Those who dig and those who can’t even dig any more.» Scary future particularly well inspired.» Lætitia Gayet


"His rather breathtaking and unclassifiable album, somewhere between Mad Max, Unbeatable, spaghetti westerns and the latest IPCC report (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), literally proposes three climate scenarios, for three parallel worlds and "three ways of roasting in hell", but all set in the year 2100."

"This comic is super original because it imagines a classic story, a road-trip of desperados in search of booty in America except that the comic offers 3 different scenarios of the story..."

Sébastien Bordenave

"The whole thing is deliberately offbeat, with a dark, wry sense of humour, but it works really well, and you're quickly swept up in the story..." Pauline Forgue

Fiction about global warming:
Global warming is a historic turning point. But it’s also a complex subject to grasp. What impact will it have on the climate? And what are the consequences for our lives? And above all, what difference does one or two degrees make? The three parallel stories overlap, separate and collide, to pose the same question: in the future, will we still have a choice?

In 2100, the hotter it gets, the more Josh Harper’s life is paved with climatic hazards: megafires, swarms of devastating insects, drought, hurricanes, firestorms, viruses... And the hotter it gets, the more people are affected: the first scenario still holds out hope, the second has already tipped over into military rule and the third into chaos. On his three routes, Josh will come across climate refugees, underground cities, service stations that sell oxygen, sects, anarcho-punks and cannibals. He’ll also come across old Anita Buendia, born in 2023, who has gone from president of the republic to militant resistance fighter to desperate tramp. All these predictions are based on serious research into the climate and collapsology, and are inspired by the latest IPCC report.

A narrative game:
For a few degrees more tells three parallel versions of the same story, which becomes increasingly chaotic depending on the extent of global warming. A bit like the best-selling children’s comic Unbeatable (nominated for an Eisner Award in 2021), or like Marvel’s multiverse, this is a play on narrative codes.

A tribute to Sergio Leone:
But it’s also a tribute to the world of Sergio Leone’s films, perfectly suited to the world we’re about to enter: hot, dirty, wild and amoral. In addition to its title, the comic is packed with references to the spaghetti Western: the desert is omnipresent, there’s plenty of trigger-happy gunplay and Leone’s legendary quotes are revisited with a climate twist. The comic strip is divided into three parts, evoking the three mythical characters from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. And the plot linking the three stories borrows from Leone’s masterpiece: just like Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach before them, our three Joshes are going to set off in pursuit of a loot buried underground. But where once there was talk of treasure buried in a cemetery, now it’s the last water table in the West, buried under a landfill site...
In short, it’s a crazy triple road movie, somewhere between Mad Max, Sergio Leone and the IPCC report.


Ulysse Gry, 35, is an author and illustrator with a Master 2 in Journalism from Sciences Po. He is a regular contributor to Mediapart. Ulysse has written trailers for Canal+, as well as working as a press illustrator under the name Ulystrations for La Matinale on Canal+ and the Musée de l’Homme in Paris. He illustrated the web documentary Iranorama for France 24 with Yann Buxeda (Audience Award at the WebProgram France festival in 2013), and the book CineCittà: manifeste anti-crise et pro-graisse (written with Thomas Gayet, La Tengo Éditions, 2012).
Ulysse Gry is co-author of the series A world in pieces and author of The revenge of endangered species, published by Presque lune.
Thanks to its success on the web, A world in pieces, in tune with current events, was included in the digital selection of the Digital Challenge competition at the 2017 Angoulême Festival and was praised on the airwaves of France Inter.

In 2019, the first two volumes won the Audience Award at the Pulp Festival and the Best Album Award at the Moulins Festival.

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